Your guide to buying a fabric sofa - From the experts at DFS

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So you love the comfort and beauty of fabric, and are ready to pick your perfect sofa. A family-friendly choice, fabric is durable and versatile, giving you lots of looks to choose from, whether you want something contemporary and chic or more relaxed and cosy. Here's our experts' guide to finding just the right look and feel for you.

Discover the softness of microfibre Flat weave is the perfect all-rounder See the beauty of natural cotton

Discover the softness of microfibre

The super-soft touch of microfibre offers great durability as well as exceptional comfort. Made of polyester fibres on a cotton base, it's the closeness of the fibres that gives it an irresistible feel. Beautiful and hardwearing, it's an ideal choice for a sofa that's at the heart of busy family life - a place to cuddle with the kids as well as a relaxing haven at the end of the day.

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Flat weave is the
perfect all-rounder

There's no need to choose between practical and chic because flat weave offers the best of both worlds. It looks like cotton and is made by combining natural cotton with manufactured fibres to make it really hardwearing. It's fabulous for holding its shape, so you'll often see it on sofas with a more tailored look. Flat weave is also a good choice if you like bold or dark colours.

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The quality of
natural cotton

When it comes to quality and beauty, natural cotton is hard to beat. Luxurious to the touch, it looks its best in subtle or neutral shades and works just as well on relaxed or tailored styles. Take care of your cotton sofa and it will reward you with lasting looks and comfort year after year. Some cotton sofas come with loose covers for easy cleaning.

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You'll find removable covers on lots of our ranges

What's so good about loose covers?

We believe your sofa should make life easier. Loose covers take the hassle out of keeping your sofa looking like new, because they can be easily cleaned. You can buy an extra set of covers too - really useful for when one set's at the dry cleaners, or if you just want to try out a new look. Whatever your busy lifestyle throws at your sofa, loose covers will help it stay looking great. See our St. Ives range

Testing our fabrics to perfection

Because we make all our sofas by hand we can make sure that every fabric we use is of the very best quality, rigorously testing each one to the highest British Standards.

Fillings. It's what's inside
that counts

All cushions are not created equal. That's because we know that some
people like a firm and supportive feel, while others like to sink into a sofa that's
squishy and soft. We offer a choice of 3 different cushions fillings, each with its
own benefits. Here's our expert's guide to choosing the one you'll love.

Soft fibre Fibre encore Foam

Soft fibre filled cushions

If you like your sofa to feel like it's giving you a big hug at the end of the day, fibre could be your perfect match. Fibre gives a soft and relaxed feel that invites you to sit down and sink in.

Our tip Plumping and turning cushions every day will maintain the feather-like feel


Our exclusive Fibre
Encore cushions

Family life means your sofa has to be different things at different times - a place to play, cuddle or chat. Fibre Encore's foam core in a fibre quilt wrap gives support for sitting up and softness for chilling out - and keeps its shape beautifully through the years. It's standard in our French Connection, Country Living and House Beautiful ranges.

Our tip Plump and turn your cushions regularly to keep them looking and feeling fabulous.


Firmer foam
filled cushions

Foam cushions helpfully spring back into shape the moment you stand up, they feel firmer than fibre and are ready to give you the same level of support next time you sit.

Our tip If you have loose seat cushions then just turn them over regularly to keep them in great shape.

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filling, come in store and try
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filling options


Cushion filling options

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