We believe there’s a huge opportunity to rethink our relationship with our planet and reimagine how we make products.

It’s why we’re committed to changing the upholstery industry and finding better ways of designing, making, selling, delivering, and ultimately recovering and recycling sofas.

We’re making a difference across the sofa cycle.

We believe it’s essential to find innovative solutions that protect our planet. Solutions that help us move away from a take-make-dispose approach and instead move us towards regenerating, repurposing and recycling. It’s why we follow the principles of a circular economy. We call it the Sofa Cycle.

Simply put, the Sofa Cycle means we aim to maximise resources and minimise waste. It means reviewing every stage of the process in our pursuit of sustainability, from how we source raw materials, how we design products, to how we recover and recycle old sofas.

Our initiatives


While we work hard to source wood as sustainably as possible, we want to go further, and contribute significantly to reforestation. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Woodland Trust, so we can support our nation’s green spaces.


Our innovative Sofa Rescue scheme makes it easier than ever before for customers to remove their old sofa and help divert it from landfill.


At the heart of the new Grand Designs range sits a grand ambition; to create sofas that are stylish, super comfy and beautifully made from innovative and sustainable materials.


We want to minimise the impact we have on the environment and take a circular approach to sustainability.

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All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and when we deliver a sofa, we take care to remove the packaging from your home so we can recycle it.

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We have clear policies on wood and leather sourcing that state it must be legally and sustainably harvested and protective of human rights.

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Our commitments


We believe there’s a huge opportunity to rethink our relationship with our planet and reimagine how we make products.

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Our dedication to bringing comfort into people’s lives doesn’t stop at sofas. We are proud to be part of hundreds of communities across the UK and we are committed to helping each community thrive.

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As a sofa company, we want our people to feel comfortable too. And that means making everyone feel welcome by supporting colleagues, creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment, and respecting each other as part of the same family.