Get your unwanted sofa taken away for free

DFS have teamed up with the British Heart Foundation to help them with the fight against coronary heart disease - still the UK’s biggest killer.

Every old sofa you donate could raise over £100, which will then be used to fund the fantastic work they do. Whether it’s funding medical research into finding a cure, educating people about prevention or providing hands on help in the community via trained nurses, every penny can help save lives.

DFS in partnership with BHF

Call 0808 250 0025 or visit

See first hand how
your sofa helps...

Did you know...

£11 will pay for all the test
tubes, glassware and
gloves a busy team
of scientists will
use in a day

£86 will pay for a days
training for one of the
PhD students who will
go on to be the
research leaders
of tomorrow

£200 can help fund one of the
500 young scientists
the BHF has working
in research teams
the UK